Our experience with Heather McElroy was unbelievable. Everything was seamless and easy. The way she listed the home and her knowledge of the market was unbelievable. Especially in these crazy real estate times, Heather knew her stuff and predicted the results. It’s obvious she’s done this for a long time. We would not hesitate to use her again in a heartbeat.

S. Doyle

Heather helped us with our move from Manhattan, Kansas to Athens, Georgia. She went out of her way to provide us with information on the ground in Athens while we were stuck in Kansas. We put a ton of trust in Heather and it was repaid with a smooth home buying experience despite the difficult circumstances. I'm not sure how we would have pulled it off without her. If you're looking for a relator in Athens, you can't go wrong with Heather McElroy.

D. Schneider

Heather was an awesome agent, professional and reliable. I could not have had a better agent!

T. Phanthok

After asking three different friends and work colleagues for realtor recommendations and being told they would NOT recommend the realtor they used for recent transaction, we finally got Heather McElroy's information. Heather worked for us throughout the process. She provided excellent information about the house construction for various properties she showed us, and was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the purchase. We had an unusual situation with our home purchase and she navigated the various aspects--legal, building inspector and financial--with expertise. We would definitely recommend Heather to our friends and colleagues.

P. Davis-Olwell

Heather did a wonderful job selling our house. She knew our neighborhood well and got us multiple offers over asking in a short time frame. We had already moved out of he sealed so Heather had to handle many of the details of the sale. Having her guide through the process made everything much easier during a difficult time.

M. Weinberg